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Supporting The Voice

School of Population Health staff and conjoints show their support for an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

Assoc. Prof. Niamh Stephenson

As a migrant from another former British colony I arrived in Australia knowing that I was becoming part of a 200-year history of the imposition of settler laws on First Nations people. Now, First Nations Australians have designed a constitutional pathway to redirect that history; the Voice means that future governments will be supported in making laws that don’t blindly reproduce our history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s loss and disadvantage. Of course, yes.

Abrar Chughtai, Sr. Lecturer

I support Voice because, I believe Australia “Always Was, Always Will Be Aboriginal Land”. 

Ben Harris-Roxas, Senior Lecturer

Aboriginal people having a voice in decisions that affect them is a small step towards justice - and long overdue. 

Dr Kathleen Falster

I whole-heartedly support a Voice to Parliament. I want to live in a country where First Nations people have the best health and life opportunities. From my professional experience, I believe that Aboriginal community-led organisations and initiatives are the best way to achieve better outcomes for Aboriginal children, families and communities. This is critical to close the gap in health and social outcomes.

Claire Deakin, Research Fellow

I support the Voice because I believe that giving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people greater input into policies and programs that affect them will lead to better decisions and outcomes, and I also hope that other policy areas may have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom and values of people who have cared for this land for many thousands of years.

Christine Linhart, Senior Lecturer

Policies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, informed by the expertise and experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Dr Michael Falster, Snr Research Fellow

I want to recognise the 65,000 years of indigenous culture in our constitution, and believe listening through a voice means we’ll work together to create a better future. I believe this will enrich our country – and (to paraphrase Noel Pearson) help bring together the stories which make Australia: our Ancient Indigenous Heritage as it’s foundation, the British Institutions built upon it, and the adorning gift of multicultural migration. I’ll be voting YES!

Prof David Greenfield

I support the Voice because it will be a mechanism by which Indigenous Australians can indicate strategies to improve their lives directly and formally to the Federal Government.

A/Prof David Muscatello

The Voice will provide First Nations people in Australia with the opportunity and structures to effectively participate in the development of policies needed for making positive improvements in their health and closing the gap.

A/Prof Anita Heywood

I’m voting YES to enshrine an Indigenous Voice to Parliament that will ensure successive governments listen to Indigenous people on matters that impact them.

Prof Rebecca Ivers, Head of School

I support a Yes vote for the voice because recognition of First Nations peoples in the constitution is long overdue, and it will give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a say in the things that affect them. 

Dr Rona Macniven

I’m voting Yes to recognise and respect Indigenous culture for the first time in Australia’s constitution and as a first step towards towards Treaty and Truth for a better future for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and all Australians. 

Ms Anil K. Singh-Prakash, School Manager

I support the Voice, it is a small step towards long overdue justice and listening through a voice means we’ll work together to create a better future.

Sallie Pearson, Prof of Health Systems

It’s about respect and reconciliation.

Dr Zhaoli Dai-Keller

I will proudly become an Australian citizen 10 days before voting for the Voice - my vote is to ensure equity, opportunities, heath, and inclusion for all indigenous peoples in Australia.

Emily Hogden, Senior Project Officer

Not listening is not working. We need a mechanisms to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are heard.

Katrina Blazek
Jenny Gieng, Research Manager
Dr Minh Cuong Duong, Lecturer
Ravit Danieli-Vlandis
Rebecca Hardy, Conjoint Senior Lecturer
Malcolm Gillies, Senior Biostatistician

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