Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page for the Medicine Program Redesign (MPR) project.

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This FAQ page has been created to address common questions and concerns regarding the redesigned program structure, curriculum updates, and what these changes mean for both current and prospective students.

Please explore the questions below to learn more about the exciting updates to our Medicine Program.

  • The revised Medicine Program will launch in 2027 for incoming Year 1 students, with a carefully planned transition for currently enrolled students over two to three years.

  • We anticipate minimal impacts to currently enrolled students and believe that the proposed changes will be positive.

  • Yes. UNSW’s direct entry medical program enables students to complete their medical degree in the shortest time. 

    We’re proud to offer a program that meets the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. As such, we also offer a range of entry schemes into the Bachelor of Medical Studies (BMed)/ Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program including:

    • Gateway Entry Scheme 
    • Indigenous Entry Scheme
    • Lateral Entry Scheme (graduate-entry stream) 
    • Rural Entry Scheme


  • No. There will be no changes to entry requirements.

  • A variety of modalities will be employed to deliver the new Medicine curriculum including face-to-face and online methods.

These frequently asked questions are regularly reviewed and updated.

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Medicine redesign

The project is a key initiative of the H25 strategy and aims to make our medicine program the best in Australia, if not the world, while ensuring it keeps in lockstep with technological developments in our field, well into the future. 

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