Medicine program redesign

We are excited to share with you the 'Green Paper: A Future Focused Medicine Program'. This is a discussion paper outlining the priorities for the program redesign, and proposing an education model and delivery options for discussion. The paper follows months of consultation across our faculty and beyond. We have worked hard to understand the issues and priorities of all stakeholder groups, and have incorporated this into the proposed model. This broad overview of the future program is intended to facilitate discussions that will inform the refinement of the model for implementation. For this, we need your feedback and collaboration to co-design the future medicine program.

  • We want your input and feedback

    We want to hear from anyone who has an interest in the medicine program, in medical education and the future of healthcare. Send us your views and feedback on the Green Paper

  • How you can give feedback

    You can provide feedback in this consultation process by using the feedback form or email. Links and info for feedback avenues are listed below.

  • What are the next steps?

    Your feedback will be utilised to optimise the redesign of the medicine program. Our SharePoint is regularly updated with the latest information on the project.

Dear colleagues and friends,

Thank you for interest and enthusiasm in the UNSW Medicine Program Redesign. You have played a significant role in shaping our vision through contributions and discussions during the past year. We valued your input. We are excited to share the Green Paper with you and to have your further input in these plans. Your feedback and input will help inform the implementation of the future program.

  • A PDF version of the Green Paper is available here.
  • Please use this Feedback Form to send us comments and further ideas.
  • Direct email feedback and input can also be sent to the project leads or to the project team mailbox at:

For Phase I of this redevelopment, we are focussing our attention on developing the curriculum in several key areas. These content areas are listed below and we would be keen to hear if you or people in your network are interested in contributing to this curriculum development. If you or your colleagues would like to contribute developing the curriculum framework in these content themes, please register your expression of interest here.

Curriculum content clusters: Emerging & significant themes

We are now entering the stage of the project where we will identify the curriculum content for each key theme and map these to graduate capabilities, program years and learning outcomes. This work is organised in theme clusters, with faculty, student and alumni members collaborating to co-design the content framework. We are looking for people who are interested in leading and/or contributing their expertise and time to the theme clusters. The focus work of the theme clusters in this round is listed below and will be developed in a series of sprints from mid-January to May 2023.

Round 1: Cluster themes

  • Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander health
  • Interprofessional education
  • Professionalism and professional identity
  • Preventative medicine, genetics and genomics
  • Primary care and generalist focus
  • Society, diversity, disability and advocacy
  • Health systems and value-based healthcare
  • Leadership and entrepreneurship

We want your help

If you have experitse or an interest in the themes identified for this round of development, please let us know through the EOI linked below.

We look forward to discussing the ideas in the Green Paper with you and getting your feedback and input.

More information or questions

If you would like more information or have any questions about the project, please contact us on

Senior Vice Dean, Education, Project Sponsor Gary Velan
Senior Vice Dean, Education, Project Sponsor
Associate Dean Education Innovation, Lead, Biomedical Sciences Nalini Pather
Associate Dean Education Innovation, Lead, Biomedical Sciences