UNSW Sarah Park selected as a Finance Oath Ambassador - launched by Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens.

Left to right: Martin Foo - Research Officer (Australian Centre for Financial Studies), Thomas Guy - Bachelor of Law/Commerce (Notre Dame University), Sarah Park - Bachelor of Commerce/Law (UNSW), Glenn Stevens - Governor (RBA), John Andrews - Strategy and Operations Graduate (AMP Capital), Alex Hasiotis - Analyst (Rothschild Global Financial Advisory).

To promote a strong ethical foundation for the banking and finance industry, the BFO Young Ambassadors Program was launched in August, selecting six top young elites to represent future leaders in fostering a positive culture in the finance industry.

UNSW Sarah (Sejung) Park, who is studying Bachelor of Commerce/Law, was selected due to commitment to the community and stellar academic record. She was also one of the only two students selected to be in this program.

"The Young Ambassador Program will allow students to harness the full potential of the BFO in imbuing ethics and integrity in the industry from the ground level up," says BFO Executive Cris Parker.

The Young Ambassador Programs launched by the Banking and Finance Oath organization (BFO) will allow Sarah to participate a 12-month program that includes training, exposure to industry leaders, full access to BFO events and a chance to connect with an elder of the industry. Sarah will also be expected to deliver at least one presentation on ethics in Banking and Finance and are encouraged to submit two articles during the program.

The BFO is an online initiative founded by Industry leaders and affiliated with The Ethics Centre. The Oath contains a set of commitments that individuals can adopt and apply as personal principles in their work.