Keir Winesmith finds it hard to answer the age-old barbeque question about what you do for a living. There just isn’t a title for the dream job of producing award-winning projects that blend the digital and physical in innovative ways. I guess that’s what happens when you are at the cutting edge of technology and art.

In 2018, Winesmith was named in Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business for his work. But it was a patchwork of gaining skills and experience that got him to where he is.

“I had to study, like, 15 different things in 15 different countries, because there wasn’t a degree that supported this kind of career and this sort of thinking.”

Yet this is where the world of work is moving, and where people want to build their careers.

“For the last five years people have been approaching me after speaking at conferences to say, ‘What do I study to get a job like the one you have?’. And I had to say, ‘There is nothing you can study. I had to go all over the place to get the skills, expertise and experience to do what I do.’

And the problem cuts both ways. Winesmith, and others in all sorts of industries across the globe, have been really struggling to find graduates who can work on Industry 4.0 projects. The world of work is changing rapidly to embrace new technologies that are revolutionising all workplaces, be it defence or healthcare, engineering, emergency services, training or finance. But Australia doesn’t necessarily have the skilled workforce to make the most of this revolution.

“For the past 15 years, I’ve built teams to work with technology in really innovative, creative, playful ways … Finding people with these skills has been really difficult … I either had to teach technological experts about human-centred design, or teach designers the technology.”

But now UNSW Art & Design is changing all that in an innovative new ecosystem of programs in Visualisation, Simulation and Immersive Design.

Working with the Asia Pacific Simulation Alliance (APSA), the Faculty has developed the Master of Visualisation, Simulation and Immersive Design (and a Graduate Certificate and short courses) that help people to put the technological, the human and the societal together, and to make really good design decisions.

Simon McIntyre, Associate Dean Education at UNSW Art & Design says, “This is more than just upskilling. It’s about making leaders who are ready to lead in a technology-transformed world.”

In 2021, UNSW Art & Design will have its first wave of Masters graduates who will be able to understand how the world is changing, and how people, networks, technologies, design and systems can work together. And as Winesmith puts it, to “animate the future workplace – and that’s really exciting.”

Applications for the Master of Visualisation, Simulation and Immersive Design have just opened. Find out more details here.

Details about the entire ecosystem of programs can be found here.

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