The space is dedicated to the defence and security industries, which is why Penten CEO Matthew Wilson believes that moving to the Launch space, in a centrally located area that provides easy access for clients, industry partners and employees, will enable the business to grow exponentially.

“The Launch collaboration space provides the opportunity to share ideas, resources and new methods of delivering capability in the defence, space and cyber industries,”  Mr. Wilson said.

Being part of a unique opportunity to contribute to the vibrant and growing community in Canberra that’s focused on defence and national security, while sharing space with academia, government and industry partners, was part of the appeal of the Launch concept.

UNSW Canberra Rector, Professor Michael Frater said having companies such as Penten at Launch was why the concept exists.

“They are a forward-thinking, innovative company working on the future challenges that industry and Australia will face,” he said.

By being part of an innovation precinct, Penten hopes to foster collaboration between industry, government and academia while promoting creativity, entrepreneurship and research.

“It also means being at the heart of innovation, which is something Penten strives to do,”
Mr. Wilson said.

Penten is an Australian cyber company focused on delivering defence and security technologies. It makes hardware and software cyber solutions to enable the modern war fighter and policy maker and give them the best advantage. The company also creates secure mobility devices, encryption modules and automation tools to counter the adversary.

“Cyber security is a rapidly growing industry and defence is becoming more digital and connected. The future fight will include machine-on-machine conflict and we need to ensure Australia has world-leading defence and security technologies to tackle this challenge.

“This is why cyber is increasingly important not just for defence, but all industries,” Mr. Wilson said.