We are seeking a highly motivated PhD student to join a research program focused on understanding the role sediment microbes play in the functioning and resilience of seagrasses in estuarine ecosystems.

The project involves a multidisciplinary team of scientists with expertise in the fields of environmental microbiology, experimental field ecology and environmental management. The overall aim is to determine how plant-soil feedbacks control seagrass performance under different environmental stressors and interactions with invasive plants, and whether these can be used to enhance restoration for threatened seagrasses.

The supervisory team includes scientists from UNSW, the University of Sydney, NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Sydney Institute of Marine Science.

THE APPLICANT will need to be highly motivated and interested in marine and microbial ecology. Underwater fieldwork skills, including snorkelling and car driver’s licence, are needed. Microbiology skills, boating and/or SCUBA diving experience are desirable but not essential.

Start date:

Term 1, 2021. Please see scholarship opportunities detailed below.

Scholarships for Australian and International students:

Students are expected to apply for an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship through UNSW or University of Sydney. Applications for scholarships at UNSW are due 18 September. More information can be found on the UNSW website here. International scholarships are highly competitive. Please note the following minimum requirements apply for an international scholarship:

  • BSc equivalent to First Class Honours and/or Masters by Research
  • At least one publication in ISI or Scopus scientific journals


Please include a cover letter, copy of your CV and academic transcript.