SLHD EquityFest 2019 aims to highlight the roles of partnerships with each other, our communities, and government and non-government organisations in fostering health equity.

The role of SLHD in the equity space is twofold.  We are committed  to providing high quality, effective, timely and appropriate health services to those most in need and  to creating environments where people live, interact and work that are conducive to health for all.  Through SLHD EquityFest we can build on our strengths in health service delivery, celebrate our current research and development work and also consider actions that will create services and environments conducive to health and wellbeing for all.

This is in alignment with one of the District’s Founding Principles: Equity means that everyone has a fair opportunity to enjoy good health and to access the health services they need. Equity issues should be addressed in our direct patient care, our prevention and health promotion and our research. We need to work collaboratively on the social factors that contribute to health inequities and the ways these are perpetuated.

SLHD EquityFest is an opportunity to move forward by raising awareness, creating new avenues and opportunities for working together and to celebrate successes. The 2019 EquityFest will focus on People, Place and Partnerships.

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Tuesday, 2 April 2019 - 8:30am to 5:00pm


St Barnabas Centre, Broadway