Prevention and Management of Long Term Conditions

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Description and aims

This stream is a response to the challenges that arise from health conditions that affect people long-term, and the need to provide health care services to cater to this need.  These conditions include, but are not limited to, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and chronic obstructive lung disease, cancer and mental illness.  Long-term conditions commonly occur as multimorbidity (the presence of multiple diseases and medical conditions in the one person).  The aim of this stream is to conduct research which identifies ways to improve health care (individual and system level) aimed at the prevention and management of these long-term conditions. 

Key Current Research Areas


The program focuses on improving interventions to address the behavioural risk factors (especially Smoking, Nutrition, Alcohol and Physical activity) as well as physiological risk factors such as obesity and cardiovascular risk.  This utilises the 5As framework (ask/assess, advise, agree and assist, arrange), opportunities to develop shared care programs, approaches tailored to health literacy levels and the improvement of health literacy and self-management, the use of technologies and social media.


This program focuses on a patient centred approach based on the Chronic Care model and includes the promotion of teamwork, better ways to share information and improved communication systems (including e-health), self-management support and community resources.  This is the focus of work on diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma, COPD, cancer, mental illness and multi-morbidity.

Key Partners

This research is conducted in partnership with general practice, primary health networks and local health districts along with organisations representing the more vulnerable groups in our community.

Stream lead

Sharon Parker and Peri O'Shea 

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