Culturally and linguistically diverse migrant mothers are more likely to experience lower levels of access to health care. This project, funded by Healthdirect Australia and conducted in Sydney Local Health District, aims to increase equity of access to information and health care for non-English speaking migrant mothers.

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Project Coordinator

Louise Thomas

Other Investigators

Mark Harris, Jane Lloyd, Elizabeth Harris

Project Rationale

By redesigning the recruitment and delivery of parenting interventions through cultural co-design, these interventions will have higher attendance from migrant mothers. This will lead to better access to health information, services and social support.

Project Aim/s

To improve access to appropriate healthcare and information for new migrant families (Bangla or Mandarin speaking) and their newborn babies (0-1 years), by developing and piloting a health literacy program delivered to migrant mothers in language. 

Project Design and Method

Based on the evidence identified from the literature review and expert opinions, a program will be developed to improve access to health care for migrant mothers and their children. Development will occur through a co-design process involving BCRs, Child and Family Health nurses, researchers and other relevant staff. This program will then be implemented and a pre/post intervention evaluation will be conducted.

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Key Partners

Sydney Local Health District


Healthdirect Australia

Project lead centre
Project stream
Prevention and Management of Long Term Conditions
Project start date
Aug 2018
Project end date
Aug 2019