This a rapid literature review to consolidate and synthesise existing knowledge from a global perspective about equity issues in access and delivery of virtual care interventions that may be adopted by RPA Virtual Hospital (rpavirtual), a virtual care intervention model of care to offer digital solutions in Sydney. Here is the protocol for the review.

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Chief investigators

Ben Harris-Roxas, Fiona Haigh

Project Coordinator

Sabuj Kanti Mistry

Project Rationale

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 many health services rapidly pivoted to virtual care as an emergency method of reaching their clients. RPA Virtual Hospital (rpavirtual) launched in February 2020. While it was planned before the outbreak of COVID-19 it has been central in pivoting to provide telehealth during the pandemic. There is a growing body of studies being carried out on the expansion of virtual care interventions, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic but the equity issues related to the virtual care intervention have not been adequately explored and summarised. 

Project Aim/s

This review aimed to consolidate and synthesise knowledge about equity issues in access and delivery of virtual care interventions and to investigate the international literature related to equity issues in virtual care programs to consider virtual care strategies that may be adopted by rpavirtual

Project Design and Method

A Rapid Scoping Review will be undertaken and the main search databases will be included are Medline, EMBASE and CINAHL and the time period covered will be January 2010 to January 2021.

Relevant information will be extracted from the included studies using a customized extraction tool and narrative synthesis will be performed.


Equity virtual care protocol


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Key Partners

RPA Virtual Hospital (rpavirtual), SLHD, Centre for Primary Health Care and Equity, UNSW Sydney


RPA Virtual Hospital (rpavirtual), SLHD

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Action for Equity
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Project start date
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August 2021