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Dr Isuru Ratnayake and Dr Joel Rhee


To test the effectiveness of certain multi-morbidity indices and prediction tools in identifying General Practice patients who are at high risk of mortality and morbidity and therefore may benefit from anticipatory care planning.


A retrospective study of patients in the ePBRN database over a specified period of time will be linked with deaths data.

Multi-morbidity indexes that allow the estimation of a patient’s prognosis and risk mortality identified by a systematic review will be converted into a computerised search algorithm.

Each algorithm will be applied to the patient data set to identify patients who are at high risk of morbidity and mortality.

- The data repository will be interrogated for actual data on mortality and acute health service utilisation (as a marker of morbidity).

- The performance characteristics of the indices and screening tools will then be compared with each other and recommendations made on the best tools to use. 

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Informatics and eHealth
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