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Prof Mark Harris

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Dr Hairong Yu, Ms Jane Taggart, Prof Siaw-Teng Liaw


Previous translational research conducted by the TCRN has explored the attitudes and beliefs of patients, general practitioners (GP) and oncologists regarding the role of GPs in continuing care of cancer survivors.   This has identified the importance of engagement of GPs and other primary health care providers across the whole pathway.   

A critical capacity for this to occur is a shared care plan between patients, cancer specialist services and general practice.  To be effective this needs to allow input from both cancer specialist services and GPs to the plan and its implementation and to foster greater communication between all parties.  


To explore the:

  1. Functional requirements of users for a shared care plan
  2. Interoperability of Prince of Wales Cancer Services and general practice data systems required for sharing of information- alternatively or concurrently
  3. Capacity of practice systems and cancer service systems to connect to a web/cloud based shared care plan
  4. Appropriate web platforms for a shared care plan.
  5. Consistency with MyHealthRecord, Healthpathways and SESLHD information standards


  • Steering committee involving all stakeholder groups
  • Discussions with key stakeholders within the Local Health District, Primary Health Network, eHealth and software vendors


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Translational Cancer Research Network

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Prevention and Management of Long Term Conditions
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