This rapid systematic review was undertaken for the NSW Ministry of Health to assist them in building an evidence base for commissioning primary health at the interface of acute care.

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Prof Mark Harris CPHCE, Dr Karen Gardner CPHCE, Mr Terry Findlay CPHCE, Assoc Prof Gawaine Powell Davies CPHCE, Dr Julie McDonald CPHCE, Ms Karen Edwards UNSW, Ms Rachael Kearns Prof Mark Harris CPHCE, Dr Karen Gardner CPHCE, Mr Terry Findlay CPHCE, Assoc


The immediate catalyst for commissioning has been the Reform of the Federation White Paper process, which aims to clarify roles and responsibilities for different levels of government in Australia, and may result in new arrangements for health among other services.


This rapid, systematic review aimed to contribute to the development of a reliable evidence base to support best value investment in the health system, particularly at the primary care and the primary-acute care interface. The over-arching question for the review was:

What forms of commissioning will support best value investment for primary care, with a particular focus on the primary-acute interface and chronic disease management?

Design and Method

Rapid review methodology was used incorporating formation of a research group including international advisors from US, Canada, UK and NZ; development of search terms; a systematic search process and framework for analysis.


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NSW Ministry of Health

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Health System Integration and Primary Health Care Development
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