A case study of the conditions under which EFHIA is most effective in influencing decision-making and the implementation of projects, plans or policies.

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HIA Evaluation

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Chief Investigators

Ben Harris-Roxas, Pat Bazeley, Lynn Kemp


To answer:

  • What are the direct and indirect impacts of EFHIAs conducted on health service plans?
  • Does EFHIA improve the consideration of equity in planning and implementation compared to usual practices within the health sector?
  • How does EFHIA improve the consideration of equity in proposal development and implementation within the health sector?

Design and Method

  • Retrospective case study of 3 completed EFHIAs
  • Prospective multiple case study of 3 health plans and subsequent EFHIAs


Email: cphce@unsw.edu.au

Key Partners

Greater Southern Area Health Service, Hunter New England Area Health Service,Sydney South West Area Health Service


National Health and Medical Research Council Postgraduate Research Scholarship

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Action for Equity
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