The project is exploring how Medicare ineligible asylum seekers in NSW navigate healthcare services using a participatory action research orientation that involves asylum seekers, health care providers and other relevant stakeholders.

Chief investigators

Dr Zelalem Mengesha, Danielle Weber, Dr Patrick Haris, Dr Mitchell Smith, Dr Fiona Haigh, Professor Evelyne de Leeuw

Project Rationale

The projected was conceived from an existing partnership with the NSW Refugee Health Service to generate evidence on the use of health services by asylum seekers after the introduction of the revised ‘Medicare Ineligible Asylum Seekers - Provision of Specified Public Health Services’ policy.   

Project Aim/s

The study aims to examine the health care needs and care access experiences of Medicare ineligible asylum seekers in NSW.

Project Design and Method

This is scoping qualitative research involving face-to-face and phone interviews with asylum seekers and health care service workers in the SWSLHD.


Zelalem Mengesha Phone: 0414637321 Email:

Key Partners

SWSLHD, NSW Refugee Health Service


NSW Refugee Health Service

Project lead centre
Project stream
Action for Equity