Planning and delivering a forum to build capacity among service providers to reduce gambling-related harm in Fairfield  

Project Status

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Chief Investigator

Siggi Zapart

Project Coordinator

Siggi Zapart, Andrew Reid

Team Member

Fiona Haigh

Project Rationale

Gambling and its health and social consequences concern all countries. Gambling-related harms affect individuals, families, communities and society as a whole. Gambling causes widespread, significant direct and indirect harm to individuals and non-gamblers – particularly through electronic gaming machines. In Australia, Fairfield loses $1.3million a day through poker machines. 

Project Aim/s

  • To engage with service providers in Fairfield
  • To start the dialogue of gambling as a public health issue
  • To education and training to better support clients 

Project Design and Method

  • Forum
  • Education and training  


Siggi Zapart Phone: 02 8738 9310 Email:

Key Partners

Alliance for Gambling Reform, Woodville Community Services, Parks Community Network Inc, Core Community Services, Fairfield City Council , Arab Council Australia , Community STaR, SWSLHD

Project lead centre
Project stream
Health Environment
Project start date
Nov 2018
Project end date
Apr 2019