UNSW Medicine (CPHCE and SPHCM) were commissioned by GP Synergy to develop online training modules for GP Registrars on research methods. This project is an evaluation of those modules.

Project Status

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Chief investigators

Nick Zwar, Catherine Spooner, Mark Harris, Michael Tam, Siaw-Teng Liaw (UNSW), Parker Magin (GP Synergy)

Project coordinator

Catherine Spooner (CPHCE)

Team member

Hania Rahimi (CPHCE)

Project Rationale

Research skills are of great value and relevance to GPs. Every day, GPs are faced with decisions that will have a real impact on patients’ lives and those decisions should be based on good evidence as much as possible.

The Australian General Practice Training Program is a vocational training program for doctors who want to specialise as GPs. The GP Research Skills education program forms part of the educational program that all registrars do to meet the curriculum requirements.

GP Synergy provides training to GP registrars in NSW and contracted UNSW Medicine to create an online, interactive Research Methods Teaching Module for General Practice Registrars. GP Synergy deploys the program, which is compulsory for the GP registrars participating in the GP registrars’ program.

Learning outcomes for the program are for GP registrars to be able to:

  1. identify and describe links between research and practice
  2. critically evaluate research papers and apply the findings to examples from practice
  3. describe the principles of research design including quantitative and qualitative methods, systematic review and meta-analysis
  4. identify and utilise sources of further information about research and opportunities for research training
  5. participate in research.

The modules are also available on the CPHCE website and can be used by anyone who wants to self-complete the course. Click here to access the modules.

Project Aim/s

The evaluation aims to provide information to inform improvements to the program for subsequent cohorts. 

Project Design and Method

The evaluation comprised collection and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from an online survey and semi-structured telephone interviews with GP registrars who had completed the modules.


Catherine Spooner Phone: 9385-1505 Email: c.spooner@unsw.edu.au

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GP Synergy


GP Synergy

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Health System Integration and Primary Health Care Development
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