A follow on from the Phase 1 contract

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Chief Investigators

Elizabeth Harris, Sarah Simpson, Ben Harris-Roxas


CHETRE was funded to explore the potential use of health impact assessment within the NSW health system, as recommended in the NSW Health and Equity Statement. This followed an earlier 12 month Phase 1 contract where we woked on HIA and the development of Equity Profiles by the AHS.


The aims of the project were:

1. Develop a formal communication strategy for the NSW HIA Poriject that included development of the web-site, production of HIA e-news and meeetings with key stakeholders.

2. Establishment of " Learning by doing" process where AHS and NSW Health staff would undertake HIAs.

3. Provide training and support to the "Learning by doing" sites.

4. Build consensus among stakeholders on the range of HIA applications and processes.

Design and Method

Resource development of web-site and e-publications

Conducting five day training program for developmental sites undertaking HIAs including site visits and help-desk support.
Establishment and provision of secretariate support to HIA Steering Committee and development of links with other jurisdictions.

Key Publications

HIA E-Newsletters go to HIA Connect website


Elizabeth Harris Email: e.harris@unsw.edu.au

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NSW Health


NSW Health

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Action for Equity
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