This dissertation presents an exploratory conceptual model of patient engagement in the management of their chronic illness(es) developed within the context of understanding and operationalising the construct of self-management. The study was funded by a Dora Lush Priority NHMRC Scholarship from March 2010 until December 2013. 

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Williams, A

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Mark Harris and Patricia Bazeley


This thesis provides the impetus to appraise the overall role of patient self-management as a strategy in reducing the burden of chronic illnesses on health care systems, the circumstances and factors that influence achieving that goal.


The resulting thesis aims to make a contribution to the way future approaches to self-management support are conceptualised, designed and implemented by directing the focus of the initiatives on patient views, experiences and realities in regards to their illnesses, engagement in self-management actions and working in partnership with their general practitioner.  

Project Design and Method

Mixed methods including Grounded Theory.


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Project lead centre
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Prevention and Management of Long Term Conditions
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March 2010
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