The study aims to investigate the organizational capacity of general practices for chronic diseases and to identify those features of the organization which are associated with high quality care.

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Judy Proudfoot

Chief Investigators

Mark Harris, Gawaine Powell Davies, Justin Beilby, Judy Proudfoot

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Jayasinghe U, Holton C

Other Team Members

Swan E, Amoroso C, Grimm J, Bubner T, Barton C


Chronic disease represents a substantial and increasing portion of health care expenditure and workload. Often the care of patients with these conditions does not meet standards set in evidence-based guidelines. Much of the reason for the gap between evidence and practice is the limited organizational capacity of health services to provide the structured and organised care that is required for these conditions.


The study aims to investigate the organizational capacity of general practices for chronic diseases and to identify those features of the organization which are associated with high quality care.

It is hypothesised that practices with more mature IM/IT functions, business systems and practices, multi-disciplinary team working and linkages with external services will be able to engage in higher quality of care (both clinical and interpersonal) for patients with type 2 diabetes, moderate to severe asthma and/or ischaemic heart disease/hypertension.

Key Publications

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1. Summary of Findings - Overview.(Pdf - 207KB)

2. Summary of Findings - Patients.(Pdf - 174KB)

3. Summary of Findings - Team. (Pdf 535KB)


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Adelaide University, Divisions of General Practice across Australia


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