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Elizabeth Comino

Chief Investigators

Alison Derrett (SWSLHD), Sarah Dennis, Matthew Jennings (SWSLHD), Maree Johnson (UWS), Lynn Kemp, Katharine Moore (SWSLHD), Siaw-Teng Liaw, Rene Pennock (Macarthur DGP), Gawaine Powell Davies, Jennifer Reath (UWS).

The Primary and Community Health Research Unit (PCHRU) was established through an infrastructure grant from the Ingham’s Health Research Institute and was launched in 2011.  

The aim of PCHRU is to contribute to building of the research evidence base underpinning primary and community health (P&CH) services in south west Sydney and to encourage development  of a research active P&CH workforce.

 One way that PCHRU will do this is by:

  • providing research capacity building infrastructure for primary and community health (P&CH) practitioners in south west Sydney who wish to develop their research skills,
  • linking research active P&CH staff to other researchers and their research activities in similar areas,
  • providing opportunities for guidance and mentoring, and
  • developing opportunities for participation in research related activities including evaluation and applied research.


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