Shared decision making (SDM) between GPs and patients is ideal model for chronic disease. This study will test the feasibility of implementing SDM CVD Risk managment model in general practice.

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Qing Wan, Sanjyot Vagholkar, Mark Harris, Nick Zwar

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Terry Campbell


Cardiovascular disease (CVD) dominate the health profile. Critical to implementation of CVD risk management is the identification of those most at risk through use of absolute risk assessment in general practice so that they can be targeted with cost-effective interventions. Shared decision making (SDM) between GPs and patients is ideal model for chronic disease.


  • Test the feasibility of implementing a Shared Decision Making CVD Risk Management (SDCRM) model in general practice including the capacity required.
  • To pilot intermediate measures of the impact of such a model on general practice staff and patients

Design and Method

Previously, we have conducted a qualitative study - key informant interviews, focus groups with GPs and patients to investigate their views about CV absolute risk assessment and management. From this, we have identified a number of barriers and facilitators to CV absolute risk assessment and management in general practice. Combining our findings and literature, we have developed a shared risk management model for use in general practice. At present, we are piloting this model to look at its feasibility. This will form the basis of a larger randomized controlled trail study that will comprehensively evaluate the effectiveness of this model at multiple levels - divisions, practices and patients.

Key Publications

Wan Q, Harris MF, Zwar NA, Vagholkar S. Sharing risk management: an implementation model for cardiovascular absolute risk assessment and management in Australian general practice. International Journal of Clinical Practice. June 2008, 62(6): 905 - 911.


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Bankstown, Macarthur and South Eastern Sydney Divisions of General Practice


PHReNet Small Research Grant UNSW Faculty Grant

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Prevention and Management of Long Term Conditions
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