Based on previous work, this study highlights research and development of conceptual frameworks for PHC and community based health services and identifies PHC and community health good practice service delivery models.

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Chief Investigators

Julie McDonald, Elizabeth Harris

Other Team Members

Lyn Kemp, Mark Harris, Gawaine Powell Davies, Lesley Hare


This 2 year project builds on previous work associated with the strategy to strengthen health care in the community undertaken by CHETRE for NSW Health. Previous work included consultations with CEOs across all area health services on the strategy, participation in working groups to develop the strategy, and providing ongoing support to NSW Health in relation to issues assciated with the strategy's implementation. The current work in 2003-2005 will address a number of issues identified during consultations that have hindered the implementation of the strategy.


To research and develop provide background material for the development of a primary health care policy for NSW health. The major objectives included:

  • Development of a conceptual framework for primary and community based health services;
  • Development of guidelines on core primary and community health functions and services;
  • Identification and description of primary and community health good practice service delivery models.

Design and Method

Qualitative methods involving literature reviews, development of discussion papers, consultation workshops and interviews with key stakeholders and the development of a number of reports.

Key Publications

Guidelines: Core functions & services for primary & community Health Services in NSW, CHETRE (2005)

Literature review on the contribution of primary and community health services. CHETRE (2004)

Overview of Primary & Community Health Service Reforms in Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. CHETRE (2004).

Primary and Community Health Good Practice Models in NSW, CHETRE (2005)

Conceptual Framework for Primary and Community Health services in NSW CHETRE (2005)


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NSW Health


NSW Health

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Health System Integration and Primary Health Care Development
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