CHETRE are supporting SWSLHD Planning and Population Health to develop a district wide Equity Strategy that ensures the needs of diverse population groups are reflected in services planning and policy development. There is a commitment to develop an Equity Framework in the soon to be released SWSLHD Strategic Plan 2018-2021.

Chief Investigator

Fiona Haigh

Project Coordinator

Karla Jaques


Maria Beer- SWSLHD Population Health , Simone Proft- SWSLHD Planning Unit, Diana Milosevic- SWSLHD Planning Unit

Project Rationale

The Equity Strategy will provide an approach to embedding health equity within South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) to ensure the needs of diverse population groups are reflected in services planning and policy development.  

Project Aim/s

The SWSLHD Equity Strategy will provide a framework for integrating equity into all areas of SWSLHD. Specifically, it will document:

  • The goals and principles of addressing equity in SWSLHD.
  • Key approaches and strategies for incorporating equity into SWSLHD culture and practice and how to improve the understanding and awareness of SWSLHD staff about what equity means and how we work towards achieving it.
  • Systems and processes that can be developed to ensure that health services are working towards equity.
  • Priority areas in which SWSLHD should focus on to achieve equity.

Project Design and Method

A review of existing strategies was undertaken and interviews with key staff involved in previous strategy development to identify key learnings. Semi-structured interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders and frontline staff have been undertaken. The interviews and focus groups will be focused on: current understanding of equity, how equity is incorporated into their current service/work and examples of current practice.


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