RCT of a decision support tool for the assessment of absolute cardiovascular risk in general practice.

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Chief Investigators

Mark Harris

Associate Investigators

Nicholas Zwar , David Peiris (George Institute), Anushka Patel (George Institute), Dr Tim Underwood

Other Investigators

Sharon Parker


Through use of the HealthTracker tool

(1)   An increased proportion of patients will receive appropriate (guidelines-indicated) measurements of their CVD risk factors.

(2)   An increased proportion of patients at high risk will receiving appropriate (guidelines-indicated) prescriptions for management of their CVD risk.


The TORPEDO study will assess whether the HealthTracker-CVD system will assist health professionals and patients in making evidence based management decisions to help prevent heart attack, stroke and related conditions.

Design and Method

12 month cluster randomised controlled trial (RCT) design incorporating  60 sites (30 intervention and 30 control) from 40 general practices and 20 Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services.


Mark Harris Phone: 02 9385 1547 Email: m.f.harris@unsw.edu.au

Key Partners

The George Institute , University of Sydney

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Prevention and Management of Long Term Conditions
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