NDARC Monograph No. 37 (1998)

The Symposium, Illicit Drugs: Current Issues and Responses, was held at the Masonic Centre in Sydney, and was attended by over 100 clinicians, academics and drug and alcohol workers from around the country. Opened by the Executive Director, Professor Wayne Hall, the day covered three sessions and concluded with a panel discussion examining treatment approaches to cannabis. This monograph contains a selection of the papers presented on the day and provide a broad representation of NDARC's current illicit drug research. Given the often sensationalist media coverage of illicit drug issues, the NDARC Symposium plays an important role in conveying our research findings to the research and clinical communities. We hope that dissemination of this research contributes to a rational and objective perspective of the ongoing debate surrounding the use and status of these drugs.



Paul Dillon, Libby Topp, Wendy Swift
Date Commenced
30 Sep 1998
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