Production capabilities

The manufacturing arm of the UNSW RNA Institute, the RNA Accelerator, gives clients access to RNA-based therapeutics and key intermediates at a quality and scale suitable for pre-clinical studies. The RNA Accelerator is supported by the NSW RNA Production and Research Network, which aims to make capabilities available state-wide to academic partners as well as industry. 

The RNA Accelerator offers capabilities across the development and production pipeline for RNA-based therapeutics including: 
  • Plasmid DNA production, purification and characterisation 
  • mRNA production, purification and characterisation 
  • Synthetic RNA and DNA production, purification and characterisation (including siRNA, gRNA and oligoDNA) 
  • Lipid NP formulations, purification and analysis 
RNA Accelerator production scales range from small research projects up to the following approximate limits: 
  • pDNA up to 10 L scale (20 – 50 mg per batch) 
  • mRNA up to 10 L scale (>1 g purified mRNA) 
  • Synthetic RNA and DNA (sRNA, including siRNA and up to guide RNA ≈ 80-100 nt) up to 1 g sRNA 
  • Lipid NP formulations up to 20 mL