The UNSW Introductory Skills for Science course (SCIF1131) will teach a range of professional skills and attributes about how to be a successful and productive scientist. These include presentation and communication skills, the ability to access and evaluate large amounts of existing scientific information, management of large and complex projects, high ethical standards and an understanding of the impact and opportunities of science. Very few of these skills and attributes are used in isolation. Connections between individuals, as well as building on past and present ideas, are essential for scientific work and the course will provide opportunities to develop collaborations and networks for this.

Term offering:

  • Term 1
  • Term 3

Course attendance: Online course

Level: Undergraduate - First year

Course code: SCIF1131

Conditions for enrolment

Enrolment in BSc (Adv. Science), BAdvSci(Hons), BSc (Adv. Maths), BSc(AdvMath)(Hons), (incl. associated dual degrees), or BMedSci

Introductory course

This course is usually taken in the early part of a program and may be required as a pre-requisite before taking a more advanced course.

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E: SCIF1131@unsw.edu.au