Despite our efforts, critical marine habitat-forming species such as seagrass, saltmarsh and mangroves continue to be lost from our coastal regions. Most restoration strategies for these species focus on improving above ground issues such as water quality. Despite improvements in water quality many restoration efforts still fail.


At UNSW, my lab uses fundamental ecology to improve outcomes for restoration practices. Leading research from my lab shows that sediment processes under microbial control can play a critical yet neglected role in plant health.  This project will utilise experimental approaches to investigate how sediment microbes influence seagrass resistance to:

  • increasing temperatures related to climate change
  • increasing anthropogenic nutrient additions.

Student benefits

You’ll benefit from working within UNSW Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences which houses one of the largest and most diverse collective of temperate ecologists in Australia. You will work side-by-side with environmental managers developing your ecological research skills and quantitative analytical skills.

Supervisors: A/Prof. Paul Gribben

Get involved

To learn more about this project, contact A/Prof Paul Gribben.