Aaron Gu completed a Master of Design.

Being bilingual has been useful for Aaron Gu. So has having a background in graphic design, digital media, and communications. His linguistic and creative skills have ensured he’s obtained design and marketing jobs in both English and Chinese speaking environments. After graduating from UNSW Art & Design in 2006 he landed a position as a graphic designer for an Australian-based women’s clothing company MHN. He then relocated to mainland China and added to his portfolio a position as a designer at ?! (otherwise known as ?WHAT IF!), an international innovation company with headquarters in New York, London, and Shanghai. ?! is the company that helped rebuild the flagging sales of IKEA in the UK; provided a stronghold for cider beverages among American millennial drinkers; and created a self-generated revenue stream for the youth organisation, Fight for Peace in Brazil and the UK. 

Aaron has worked as Senior Visual Designer & Art Director at DDB China Group – the company responsible for turning the McDonald’s Happy Meal Box into a virtual reality headset (known to consumers worldwide as 'Happy Googles'), and the company that made adidas synonymous with cricket in India. Aaron has also worked as Senior Art Director in the Shanghai branch of the newly established Foresee Breman, a marketing and digital strategy company.