Albert Lee

Albert Lee

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Optometry and Vision Science

Name: Albert Lee

Research Title: Refugee and People Seeking Asylum’s access to Eye Care in NSW

Supervisors: Blanka Golebiowski, Kathleen Watt

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Refugees and People Seeking Asylum are a vulnerable population and their integration into the Australian community holds many challenges.

Blindness and vision impairment can dramatically affect a person’s ability to integrate into a new community and vision outcomes are dependent on sufficient access to health and eyecare services.

Research will be conducted into eye care services available to refugees and people seeking asylum in NSW, which will examine the community support, referral to eye care services, barriers to accessing eye care and facilitators to improve access and utilisation. This research will aid the development of appropriate and accessible eye care services refugees and people seeking asylum in NSW.


An Optometrist working in independent practice in Rockdale, Sydney and working with the Brien Holden Foundation in indigenous eye care in rural and regional NSW. Participation in aid work to Sri Lanka and Nepal and as a clinical supervisor in the UNSW Optometry Clinic. Also involved in the provision of eye care services to Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network and Villawood Detention Centre.


2002-2007, 2011-2013 Optometry Australia(NSW/ACT) Councillor

2003-2004 Quality in Practice Surveyor

2004-2010 Optical Dispensers Licensing Board

2006 Association of Health Professions NSW

2010-2014 Optical Dispensers Trust

2012-present CASA accredited Optometrist

2015-2021 Optometry Council of NSW

2017 Board member Sailors with Disabilities (not for profit organisation)


Optometry Australia (NSW/ACT)

CCLSA member