Alessandro  Garritano

Alessandro Garritano

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Novel microbial processes that support life in the deep ocean

My project aims to explore microbiomes and their metabolic activities in a deep-sea petrol extraction site. We will focus particularly on the microbiomes that are living in symbiotic relationships with corals and sponges, the major habitat-forming organisms in the deep sea. Coral reefs and sponge gardens appear to survive and grow very well close to these areas and we hypothesize that this is due to unique metabolic capabilities of the symbiont microbiomes. We postulate that the microbiomes can utilize “unusual” carbon and energy sources as well as different carbon fixation pathways to convert those into useful nutrients and energy for the coral and sponge host.

Supervisor: Professor Torsten Thomas


Garritano, Alessandro N.; Faber, Mariana de Oliveira; de Sá, Lívian R.V.; Ferreira-Leitão, Viridiana S. Palm oil mill effluent as raw material for biohydrogen and methane production via dark fermentation. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. , v.92, p.676 - 684, 2018.

Garritano, Alessandro N.; de Sa LRV, Aguieiras ECG, Freire DMG, Ferreira-Leitao VS. Efficient biohydrogen production via dark fermentation from hydrolized palm oil mill effluent by non-commercial enzyme preparation. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. , v.42, p.29166 - 29174, 2017.

Level 5 East, Biological Sciences North (D26), UNSW, Kensington 2052