Dr Annalese Bolton

B.Psych (Hons), M.Psych (Forensic),  PhD,  MAPS, FCFP

School of Psychology

I am a researcher, endorsed forensic psychologist, and AHPRA board approved supervisor with experience contributing to post graduate coursework teaching and course coordination, clinical training, and placement coordination. I am skilled in applied research, psychological and forensic treatment and assessments with particular knowledge and experience within the field of child welfare and court report writing. I have a PhD in cognitive psychology and my research focused on enhancing people’s ability to identify appropriate responses to child welfare situations. I am interested in applied forensic psychological research in general, and my current research is in the area of improving child welfare decision making and in developing and evaluating prevention and early intervention services for youth who misuse fire.



  • Book Chapters | 2011
    Dr Annalese Bolton
    Bolton AJ; Lennings C; Collins E, 2011, 'Assessing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in Litigious Families in the Family Court', in International Perspectives on the Assessment and Treatment of Sexual Offenders Theory, Practice and Research, Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 111 - 139,
  • Journal articles | 2019
    Dr Annalese Bolton
    BOLTON A; NEWELL BR; GANDEVIA S; PEEK J; BERROCAL CAPDEVILA E, 2019, 'Applying behavioural insights to child protection: venturing beyond the low-hanging fruit', Behavioural Public Policy, pp. 1 - 25,
    Journal articles | 2021
    Dr Annalese Bolton
    Bolton A; Gandevia S; Newell BR, 2021, 'Appropriate responses to potential child abuse: The importance of information quality', Child Abuse and Neglect, vol. 117,
    Journal articles | 2010
    Dr Annalese Bolton
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    Journal articles | 2017
    Dr Annalese Bolton
    Bolton A; Newell BR; Newell B; Bolton AJ, 2017, 'Finding the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ is both a challenge and an opportunity: A reply to Soon', Behavioural Economics for Policy
    Journal articles | 2017
    Dr Annalese Bolton
    Bolton A; Newell BR, 2017, 'Applying behavioural science to government policy: Finding the ‘Goldilocks Zone’', Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy


UNSW PRSS Travel Scholarship (2018)

HARVARD Center for Public Leadership, BIG Ideas Doctoral Workshop attendance and travel grant US$1,500 (2017)

Sydney Psychology Postgraduate Conference, Best proposal talk (2017)

Research Training Program Scholarship (2016-2020)

NeuRA scholarship (2016-2020)