Mr Behrouz   Boochani
Adjunct Associate Professor

Mr Behrouz Boochani

  • Graduated from Tarbiat Moallem (Kharazmi) University and Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran with a Masters Degree in Political Science, Political Geography and Geopolitics.
  • Boochani was prevented from enrolling to complete his PHD due to pressure placed upon him due to his advocacy for Kurdish cultural freedom. In 2012 Boochani wrote a paper on geopolitics and protecting minority rights. He was invited to a conference in Paris to deliver the paper. He was refused a passport and thus could not attend. The paper was delivered by his Professor from Tarbiat Modares Univerity, Tehran.
  • Non-resident Visiting Scholar at the Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre (SAPMiC), University of Sydney.
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