Belle Guo

Belle Guo


PhD Candidate

Postgraduate Research Student

Areas of research

Corporate Law; Securities Law; Corporate Governance


Marina Nehme, Charlie Weng

Publications and presentations

Belle Qi Guo (2020), ‘Chinese Cross-border Listed Companies’ Struggles in Australia: Cause Analysis from a Theoretical and Comparative Perception’, Corporate Law Teachers Association Conference: Reflections and Perceptions of Trust in Corporations, Melbourne, Australia.
Belle Qi Guo (2019), ‘Compensation in the Context of Information Disclosure-A Comparison of Australian and Chinese Law’, CIBEL Global Network Young Scholars Workshop: Technological Change and the Future of International Economic Legal Order: China and beyond, Sydney, Australia.
Shengxuan Guo and Qi Guo, ‘Research on the Legislation of Financing Lease Registration System in the Civil Code’ (2018) 3 Seek Truth from Facts 85.
Yanchuan Wang, Qi Guo, ‘Dilemmas in the Guarantee of the Capital Information Platform’s Authenticity and the Improvement Measures for This’ (2017) 6 Western Law Review 80.
Qi Guo (2016), ‘Information Disclosure on the Corporate Capital Information Platform’, Cross-strait Civil and Commercial Law Postgraduate Exchange Conference, Taiwan.