Carla Bento Guedes
Postgraduate Research Student

Carla Bento Guedes

Postgraduate Research Student
School of Humanities&Languages


Exploring Dadirri in Australian Higher Education, as a 'gift for two worlds' - a case study on the UNSW PELE course.



This study aims to increase the knowledge of the Aboriginal concept of Dadirri and investigates the possibility of its inclusion in the UNSW PELE (Personalized English Language Enhancement) course. I intend to approach Aboriginal culture's 'greatest gift for two worlds' (Ungunmerr 1990, p. 34) from a personal perspective as a non-Indigenous student and researcher. However, I aim to be guided by the Aboriginal Elders of the Darug, Gadigal, Darkinjung, Awabakal, and Ngangikurungkurr peoples, throughout my entire journey.

My main objective is this thesis to be a contribution to the increasing of Aboriginal cultural competency and, consequently, a reflection towards the improvement of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students' experience in the Australian Higher Education. For that, I will divide this research into two phases, being the second phase a proposal of an updated version of the UNSW PELE course. I want this new version of PELE to be perceived as a 'start of a conversation' towards a future 'decolonised', therefore an even more culturally competent model of PELE, that may attract Indigenous students and non-Indigenous equally.