Mr Christopher Leaman
Research Associate

Mr Christopher Leaman


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Water Research Laboratory, Manly Vale
  • Journal articles | 2021
    Leaman CK; Harley MD; Splinter KD; Thran MC; Kinsela MA; Turner IL, 2021, 'A storm hazard matrix combining coastal flooding and beach erosion', Coastal Engineering, vol. 170, pp. 104001 - 104001,
  • Working Papers | 2022
    Leaman C; Harley M; Splinter K; Thran A; Kinsela M; Turner I, 2022, A Storm Hazard Matrix combining coastal flooding and beach erosion, California Digital Library (CDL), http://dx.doi.org10.31223/x5q592,
  • Conference Presentations | 2020
    Leaman C; Harley M; Splinter K; Thran M; Kinsela M; Turner I, 2020, 'A new storm impact matrix combining both coastal flooding and erosion hazards', pp. 6 - 6,
    Reports | 2019
    Tucker T; Leaman C; Carley J, 2019, Review of Impacts on Beach Amenity of Coastal Protection Works at Collaroy-Narrabeen Beach, Water Research Laboratory, UNSW Sydney, Manly Vale, NSW, WRL TR2019/09 FINAL NOVEMBER 2019









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