Cliff Chen
Postgraduate Research Student

Cliff Chen

Postgraduate Research Student
Social Policy Research Centre

Research Topic: The life experiences of Chinese queer migrants in Australia
Supervisor: Prof Ilan Katz

The research project aims to understand the life experiences of queer Chinese-born migrants of different birth cohorts in Australia and the challenges they face before, during and after their migration journeys. It investigates to what extent their migration experiences change the way they perceive their self-hood, identity, home and belonging in their respective life trajectories and across different birth cohorts

The research project collects the life histories of Chinese-born queer migrants of diverse backgrounds to explore the role of sexuality in leading to their migration decisions, and the continuities and changes of their Chinese and sexual identities along their life trajectories.

It focuses on the interplay of the social and historical environments in both China and Australia, familial and kinship dynamics and individual development. Through examining how this interaction differs within and across different cohorts, the thesis seeks to understand the diverse ways the participants mediate the changing relationship of their Chinese and sexual identities in their life journeys.

The findings of the research will inform development of policies on migrants with non-normative sexuality, and will make theoretical contributions that dissolve grand dualisms by using a combination of life course perspective and place-making framework to understand identity.