Defeng Jin
Postgraduate Research Student

Defeng Jin

Postgraduate Research Student
Cntr for Social Rsch in Health

Research Topic: Lived experiences of stigma among Chinese immigrants living with hepatitis B in Australia
Supervisor: Prof Carla Treloar
Co-Supervisor: Dr Loren Brener

Defeng graduated from Zhengzhou University with a master in education and from Monash University with a master in social work. She worked as a lecturer and mental health counselor at Wuhan University of Technology Huaxia College in China from 2010 to 2014. With a background of psychology and sociology, she works in the area of health promotion for people living with chronic illness and mental health problems.

Research Summary

Defeng's research spans the fields of cognitive psychology, positive psychology, sociology and health promotion. She conducted researches on executive functions, positive relationship development, relationships among achievement goal, self-esteem and pessimistic defensive among undergraduates in China.

Defeng's PhD program is to explore stigma experiences among Chinese immigrants who are living with hepatitis B, and attitudes towards hepatitis B among Chinese immigrants in Australia. The study will contribute to a better understanding of hepatitis B related stigma among Chinese immigrants. It will also have implications to health promotion of Chinese immigrants and broader communities, and health care services.


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Book Chapter

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