Eva Nolan

Eva Nolan

Eva Nolan is a Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate.

Eva Nolan's world is a microscopic and extraordinarily detailed realm. She’s an artist who likes to work with graphite pencil, paper, and a magnify glass. She can spend weeks creating one small section of a picture that will eventually join other small sections to form an intricate whole. The end result is only brought to life through projection, and it’s at this time that viewers realise the full extent of each elaborate artwork imagery and meaning.  

For four years, Eva has developed her notable skill and expertise in the areas of drawing and illustration at UNSW Art & Design. Since childhood, she’s been inspired by nature, fantasy, and illusion and has used these themes to inform both her concept development and the final resulting artworks.  

Entitled Little World, Eva’s graduating artwork is an exploration of the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm of all living and non-living things on earth. It’s a superbly detailed series of pieces that are testament to a magician’s power to provoke and captivate an audience. She’s created a series of drawing/projections that reveal information normally invisible to the naked human eye. Using a half-cave 160-degree visual projection, exhibition visitors can view the source of the surrounding artwork – a small pencil drawing – whilst immersed in an installation that seeks, according to Eva, “to dissolve the boundaries between human, and non-human, life and death, big and small, visible and invisible demonstrating an all-encompassing sense of symbiosis and universal harmony.” 

Take a look at details of Eva's installation below, and check out her Instagram account @evanolanartist.