Mr Fangbin Lin
Casual Academic

Mr Fangbin Lin

CFA (level 3 candidate)

Business School
SDD (Academic)

Fangbin Lin is a final-year Scientia Ph.D. candidate in accounting at the School of Accounting, Auditing & Taxation, UNSW Sydney. Before joining the program, Fangbin received a Master's degree in business analytics from the National University of Singapore, and a Bachelor’s degree in finance from the Capital University of Economics and Business (Beijing, China). His doctoral research examines the utilization of emerging technologies, including algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI), in performance measurement and evaluation, using experimental methods.

Fangbin actively participates in many international accounting research conferences and doctoral consortiums, and has presented his working papers at the 2022 biennial research conference of Monash Forum for Management Accounting (Monforma), the 2022 Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) annual conference, and the 4th Accounting Workshop on Experiments (AWE). He has also been awarded multiple small project grants (total value: $7800) by the UNSW Business Experimental Research Laboratory (BizLab).

During his candidature, Fangbin has been teaching the integrated first-year courses for the Bachelor of Commerce program at UNSW Business School (as course instructor), and serving as the manager for the UNSW BizLab. Before commencing his doctoral study, Fangbin worked as a data analyst at the global analytics department of Lenovo (Singapore) for three years, a research and consulting intern at Wood Mackenzie, and an auditing intern at KPMG.

Room 3107, School of Accounting, Auditing & Taxation, Quadrangle Building, UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052

High Degree Research (HDR) Small Project Grants, awarded by UNSW BizLab (three grants awarded, total value: $7800)

Scientia Ph.D Scholarship (2018)

Ph.D. Completion Scholarship (2022)

Doctoral dissertation: "Management Control Systems of the Future: Working with Algorithms", supervised by Professor Mandy M. Cheng (Principal Dissertation Advisor) and Professor Kerry A. Humphreys (Joint Dissertation Advisor), and consisting of two studies:

  • Study One: "Using Algorithms to be Lenient: The Effects of Algorithm Adjustment Decision Rights on Algorithmic Advice Use in Performance Evaluation", co-authored with Mandy M. Cheng and Kerry A. Humphreys. Manuscript presented at the 4th Accounting Workshop on Experiments (AWE, May 2022), Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand (AFAANZ) annual conference (Jul 2022), the 2022 AAA Accounting, Behaviour and Organisation (ABO) research conference (Oct 2022), and the 45th European Accounting Association (EAA) annual congress (May 2023).


  • Study Two: "Show Me My Future! The Effects of Forecast Performance Source and Accuracy on Employees' Willingness to Acquire Distal Skills", co-authored with Mandy M. Cheng and Kerry A. Humphreys. Manuscript presented at the 4th AWE doctoral consortium (May 2022), AFAANZ doctoral symposium (Jul 2022), the 2022 Monash Forum in Management Accounting (MONFORMA) biennial conference (Nov 2022), and the 2023 AAA Management Accounting Section (MAS) Midyear Meeting (Jan 2023), and 2023 GMARS Emerging Scholar Forum (June 2023).

My Teaching

  • COMM1180 Value Creation: Term 3, 2022 (average teaching satisfaction rating: 5.52/6)
  • ACCT2522 Management Accounting 1: Term 1, 2023 (average teaching satisfaction rating: 5.63/6) and Term 3, 2023 (expected)