Felicia Nguyen

Felicia Nguyen

Postgraduate Research Student

Postgraduate Degree: Master of Public Relations & Advertising 

Current Position: Founder of Balloonation

1. What attracted you to studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW?

I came to Australia 5 years ago as an international student and I’ve always fancied working in an Advertising agency, which is the reason why I chose PR and Advertising for my degree. Studying at UNSW was a dream come true for me, it was my first time studying abroad and it’s where all of my connections began. 

2. Did you always have a clear idea of what you wanted to do after completing your degree?

Not really. I was pretty lost after completing my Masters degree. I had to choose between staying or leaving Australia. And here I am. 

3. How did your time at UNSW help shape who you are today?

I was a shy girl from an Asian country. My time at UNSW has transformed me into an entrepreneur by pushing me to speak up, to communicate and to do things that the old me wouldn’t dare to do.   

4. How did studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW help you develop transferable skills?

It helped me think critically, communicate effectively not just when I was doing my assignments but after I graduated. I think UNSW Art & Social Sciences is really something worth studying. The skills I’ve acquired are highly transferable, from uni to the workplace, to working on my own thing. 

5. How did studying Arts & Social Sciences at UNSW help form your view on the world and the contemporary issues we face today?

There are so many things to discover and learn about, but for everything I see, I will always see it in different perspectives because everything is not what it seems.  

6. How did UNSW Arts & Social Sciences help prepare you for the workforce throughout your degree?

I have never been to an interview for a job in my field, as being an entrepreneur is my passion. It doesn’t mean that I wasted my degree; I have applied the things I’ve learned to my own business, and I love what I’m doing. 

7. How did you get your foot in the door as a graduate, following the completion of your degree?

After completing my degree, I decided to study another Master in Business Analysis. The combination of the two degrees has offered me an opportunity to look at things in a creative mind in business. That’s where Balloonation and Three Sisters Event Stylists were formed. 

8. What advice would you give to someone considering studying Arts at UNSW?

Don’t just study. Do something that complements what you are learning in the classroom!

9. What is your most memorable experience from your time at UNSW?

I found love.

10. Why do you Love What You Do?

It’s perfectly linked to my degree even though I’m not in the industry. Being able to control something and make my creative mind work to bring happiness to others, that’s my motto.