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Dr Frank Baffour

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F. D. Baffour is a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences at the University of New South Wales, Australia. He has a special interest in the decolonization of the prison and has worked in the criminal justice system, and currently developing a research profile in criminal justice social work. Having earned his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice Social Work from James Cook University, Australia, Baffour aims to utilize social work and criminology theories and methods to understand crime, and improve prison conditions, and design culturally appropriate reformation programs and interventions that are effective for reducing recidivism.

A desire for transforming student/teacher and client/practitioner relationships is at the centre of what he does. He prioritizes the wellbeing of students and clients alike by working towards developing the individual as a whole, including their academic and treatment needs. At the University, his teaching promotes active learning and effective student engagement. Baffour’s research skills helped him win a research excellence award (Cum Laude) for his doctoral studies. His current research agenda focuses on developing a crime prevention intervention that is culturally appropriate and builds on the foundation of social work theories and methods. Baffour’s other research interests are in intimate partner violence, mental health, workforce development, and promoting a healthy university.

Room 170 Morven Brown
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My Teaching

SOCW1001 Introduction to Social Work

SOCW3012/3013 Field Placement