Mr Hengcheng Zhang
Postdoctoral Fellow

Mr Hengcheng Zhang

Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Dr Hengcheng Zhang is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. He is a member of the WAVES group (Wear, Aeroacoustics and Vibration in Engineering Systems) and works in the Tribology and Machine  Condition Monitoring laboratory.

After 6 years of experience as a vibration analyst in China Nuclear Power Group, I obtained a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at UNSW with a thesis titled “Tracking the severity of naturally developed spalls in rolling element bearings”. After graduation, I continued my research in the field of machine condition monitoring as a postdoc at UNSW Sydney.

Research Interests

  • Bearing diagnostics and fault severity estimation
  • Bearing prognostics
  • Railway condition monitoring
  • Gear diagnostics and condition monitoring
  • Journal articles | 2022
    Zhang H; Borghesani P; Randall RB; Peng Z, 2022, 'A benchmark of measurement approaches to track the natural evolution of spall severity in rolling element bearings', Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 166,
    Journal articles | 2021
    Zhang H; Borghesani P; Smith WA; Randall RB; Shahriar MR; Peng Z, 2021, 'Tracking the natural evolution of bearing spall size using cyclic natural frequency perturbations in vibration signals', Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, vol. 151,