Dr Hsiao Goh
Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr Hsiao Goh

MA (University of Science Malaysia), PhD (Flinders University), 

School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Dr. Goh's research focuses on understanding the early prehistoric peopling of Southeast Asia and Malaysia, with a special focus on prehistoric material culture and early human behavioural signatures. She seeks to address fundamental questions that will address internationally high profile issues like: 1) the early dispersal of anatomically modern humans Out of Africa and into Southeast Asia and 2) how early humans coped with catastrophic geological and climatic events such as Super Toba Eruption (~74 ka) and Last Glacial Maximum (~18-25 ka) and 3) the behavioural signatures of prehistoric humans in Southeast Asia. Over the past decade, She worked in one of the most important archaeological areas of Southeast Asia—the Lenggong Valley in West Malaysia—which contains evidence of early human occupation from the Middle Palaeolithic (~150 ka) to Metal Age (~1.5 ka).

My research interests include prehistoric archaeology, community/public archaeology and cultural heritage management. 

(1) Gua Tambun Heritage Awareness Project 

(2) Fort Cornwallis Young Archaeologists Programme