Professor Jacquelyn Cranney
Honorary Professor

Professor Jacquelyn Cranney

BA (Hons) University of Queensland

MA University of Queensland

PhD Bryn Mawr College, USA

School of Psychology

I completed my undergraduate and Masters degrees at the University of Queensland, then undertook doctoral studies at Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA USA. I completed postdoctoral positions at Dartmouth College, NH USA, and the University of Queensland. I was then appointed at UNSW Sydney.  

Room 911 Level 9 Mathews Building Kensington/Sydney Campus
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The first phase of my research career focused on cogntiive and behavioural neuroscience, specifically, the neural bases of motivation, learning and memory. The second phase of my research career has focused on: (a) university student learning, memory, motivation and wellbeing (eg see Kumar et al., 2021, Frontiers in Education, for a study of honours students' and supervisors' expereinces during the pandemic); and (b) psychological literacy and undergraduate psychology education (eg see Cranney et al., 2022,  Frontiers in Education, for two studies on this topic).  For more information, please visit the following websites for:

(a) Academic - 

(b) Psychological literacy  - 

(c)  Healthy Universities - student wellbeing -  

(d) Self-serve self-management -

(e) Student success -

Fellow, International Federation of National Teaching Fellows, 2020-
UK Advance Higher Education HEA Senior Fellowship, 2018-
Society for Teaching of Psychology (American Psychological Association, Div.2) Presidential Citation for a Career Devoted to Advancing Teaching of Psychology in both North America and Australia, 2018
UNSW Scientia Education Academy Fellow, 2017-2021
UNSW Teaching Fellowship, 2015    
OLT Citation Award, 2014—with S.Morris
Australian Learning and Teaching Council National Teaching Fellowship, 2010-2012
Australian Psychological Society Leadership Program, 2008
Australian Psychological Society Distinguished Contribution to Education Award, 2008
Carrick Citation Award, 2007--with S.Morris, B.Spehar, & B.Newell
UNSW University Women in Leadership Program, 2007
Carrick Associate Fellowship, 2006-2008
UNSW Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, 2005
University of New South Wales Innovative Teaching and Educational Technology Fellowship, 2002
University of New South Wales, Faculty of Life Sciences Teaching Award, 1999