Dr James   Southwell-Keely
Conjoint Lecturer

Dr James Southwell-Keely

FRACS (Plast),MS (Plast),MBBS (Hons)

St Vincent's Clinical School

Dr Southwell-Keely graduated from the University of Sydney with Honours. After this, he spent nine years training to become a plastic surgeon at various hospitals in Sydney. During this time, he completed a ‘Masters of Surgery’ with the University of Sydney once again, focusing his interests on plastic surgery.

He completed the fellowship examinations with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, spending another two years in various European cities such as Stockholm, Paris and Lyon. He gained further knowledge and perfected his skills in facial reconstruction, microsurgery for breasts, cosmetic breast surgery and cosmetic facial surgery.

He is currently a member of the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons, working in partnership with the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons to train future Australian plastic surgeons.

Dr Southwell-Keely specialises in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, breast cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, microsurgery, maxillofacial surgery, skin cancer surgery and hand surgery, conducting these practices at the Skin Hospital, Darlinghurst.

Dr Southwell-Keely is a UNSW St Vincent's Clinical School Conjoint Academic.


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    Dr James Southwell-Keely
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    Dr James Southwell-Keely
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    Dr James Southwell-Keely
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    Dr James Southwell-Keely
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    Dr James Southwell-Keely
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    Dr James Southwell-Keely
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