Research Students

Jayson Ware

Postgraduate Research Student

Supervisor: Richard Kemp

Research Areas: Treatment of sexual offenders

(02) 9385 3725
Mathews, Room 438


Selected Publications:

  • Frost, A., Ware, J., & Boer, D. (2009). An integrated groupwork methodology for working with sex offenders. Journal of Sexual Aggression. 15, 21-38.
  • Mann, R. E., Ware, J., & Fernandez, Y. M. (in press). Managing Sexual offender treatment Programmes. IASTO book chapter
  • Marshall, W. L., Marshall, L. E., & Ware, J. (2009). Cognitive distortions in sexual offenders: Should they all be treatment targets? Sexual Abuse in Austalia and New Zealand. 2, 21-33.
  • Ware, J. (in press). The importance of contextual issues within sexual offender treatment.IASTO book chapter
  • Ware, J., & Allnutt, S. (in press). The use of anitlibidinal medications in the treatment of sexual offenders. Australian Journal of Correctional Staff Development.
  • Ware, J. & Bright, D. (2008). Evolution of a treatment program: Recent changes to NSW Custody Based Intensive Treatment (CUBIT). Psychiatry, Psychology, and Law.15, 340-349.
  • Ware, J., Frost, A., & Hoy, A. (in press). A review of the use of therapeutic communities when treating sex offenders. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology.
  • Ware, J., Hart., R., & Fragaki, P. (2008). Training non-psychological staff in the management of sexual offenders. Australian Journal of Correctional Staff Development.
  • Ware, J., Mann, R. E., & Wakeling, H. (2009). What is the best modality for treating sexual offenders. Sexual Abuse in Australia and New Zealand, 2, 2-13.
  • Ware, J., & Marshall, W. (2008). Treatment engagement with a sexual offender who denies committing the offence. Clinical Case Studies, 7, 592-603.