Leigh Mellish

Leigh Mellish

Postgraduate Research Student

Leigh is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Management at the UNSW Business School and a psychologist, having completed his Master of Organisational Psychology, and Bachelor of Psychology at UNSW. His research is focused on fostering entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial careers. Leigh has a strong interest in talent development and evidence-based practice.

Thesis title

  • Fostering entrepreneurship


  • Siran Zhan

  • Amirali Minbashian

Research Interests

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Career development

  • Decision-making

  • Morality


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Journal articles

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Conference output

  • Mellish, L., & Zhan, S. (2019). Career outcomes post-entrepreneurship. A systematic review. ACERE, Sydney.

  • Cranney, J., Morris, S., Levy, N., & Mellish, L. (2018). Career development learning in a capstone course. UNSW Learning and Teaching Forum, Sydney.

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